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8th-Feb-2017 12:57 pm - Current Weight

After a month of going in keto/low carb.

Weight today: 193.8
Target: 138.6 lbs
To go: 55.2 lbs

My work weighing scale says I am at 196.4.


Koi ni Ochite (Fall in Love) by Fujita Maiko

koi ni ochita no wa honnno isshun de
kimi wo shiru hodo motto suki ni natte ita

Falling in love happens in a moment
The more I know about you, the more I like you

deatta hi kara ikutsumo nani ka ga
kawatteiku you na fushigi na kimochi de

From the day we met, there was something
that seems to be a changing in a mysterious way

sono riyuu ga nani ka mitomeru made sukoshi
futari toki wo kasanete ima nara hakkiri wakaru yo

I did not know the reason of it but
after spending time with you, I now know

te wo nigitta nara nigiri kaeshite kureru
furereba sotto dakishimete kureru
sore dake de ii sore dake de ii

If I hold your hand, you will hold mine back
If I touch you, you’ll embrace me gently
I’m fine with that, with just that

mata sukoshi no aida kimi ni aenakute
mata sugu aeru yo ne demo hanaretakunai yo

We won’t be seeing each other again for sometime
I know we’ll meet soon but I don’t want you to leave

omoidasu dake de mune ga gyutto naru
tooku ni iru toki de sae konna ni mo shiawase wo kureru

Even by just remembering you, my chest tightens
that even if you are far way, you are giving me happiness

me no mae de warau kimi ga hontou demo uso demo
watashi ni wa subete sore ga shinjitsu de
deau mae nara wakaranakatta

Whether your smiling face in front of me is real or a lie,
It is everything to me and that is the truth
I did not know before I met you

hitori uzukumatte kimi no kotoba ya shigusa
omoidashitemiru sonnna jikan sae mo
nani mo kamo ga itooshii

I squat alone, your words, your gestures
even the times I am simply remembering thos
anyhthing and everything is just dear and precious

koi ni ochita no wa hon no isshun de
kimi wo shiru hodo motto suki ni natte ita

Falling in love happens in a moment
The more I know about you, the more I like you

te nigitta nara nigiri kaeshite kureru
furereba sotto, dakishimete kureru
sore dake de ii, sore dake de ii

If I hold your hand, you will hold mine back
If I touch you, you’ll embrace me gently
I’m fine with that, with just that

sore dake de ii

I am contented with that
24th-Nov-2010 12:53 am - Alyssa's first low grade fever
Yesterday after work, Cory, Alyssa and I went out to eat. When I took her out of the car seat, I thought she felt warm-ish.

"Maybe it's me who is cold..." I thought. I did get the car air condition fixed.

Post dinner, all gluttoned out... I put Alyssa into her car seat and felt her forehead... Warm... Warmer then normal.... Beep beep beep beep...! Mommy radar alert! Took out her forehead thermometer and checked her temp on the spot. Yes, I admit, I carry her forehead thermometer EVERYWHERE! Her digital ones are at home. Yes, I have 2 digital ones :P One for me and one for her (i.e. oral and rectal). I can go on with the uses of rectal thermometer but I digress...

She has a low grade fever. My poor chi chi... Cory speculates that it's due to her teething since she didn't have any shots recently. Me? I think it's a slight cold since she coughed and sneezed on and off.

So here I am at past midnight, reaching for my poor baby who couldn't for the life of her settle down to sleep in her crib for longer then a few minutes. After a couple of hours of that I gave up and told Cory to hand her over. He obviously resist :P Daddy's little girl la, katakan... But I cannot stand that she woke up so often that I asked for her. I checked her breathing and lo and behold... she seems congested.

Kan Mommy dah kata.... I might not spend most of my time with Alyssa due to work @#$$% but I try to tune in to her when I get back.... Mwahahaha... Childish but mommy 1 daddy 0 :P. Daddy was right...

Right now she seems settled. She is sleeping better... on mommy's pillow. And mommy is at laptop, looking over to her every few minutes to make sure she is breathing ok, prop up the way she is.. Poor sayang mommy... she picked up a bug when we went to the doctor for daddy's aches and pain despite all the precaution that we took when we went there. Or maybe my mommy brought home the bug from Seremban... Must investigate what happened...

Can you tell that I am obsessed? As many has said to me, "First child.... like that la..."
13th-Oct-2010 07:26 am - My baby's first fall
Alyssa is about 5 months 3 weeks old now.

In public, that sneaky little miss is such an innocent lamb. At home with mommy & daddy, she becomes this active wriggly bundle of joy. I have always love the way she is constantly watching things and how she loves her jumperoo. Yes, my little girl has mommy all wrapped around her fingers. Even when the jumperoo is expensive little expense, it's worth it to see her have a great time in it. She actually dances in it...

Two weeks ago, she outgrew her bouncer and like a sap mommy bought her a new baby to toddler chair... Can you see where this is going? Yes, up to date mommy has lavished my little lamb everything that would make it possible for her to be happy and comfortable.

The yesterday struck. She was napping on the bed and daddy was on the pc. My little ninja (yes, she is. She is a pretty slick ninja too) quietly woke up and rolled over and fell off the bed. She bawled and daddy felt scared as heck seeing that she has bruises. Called mommy at work, mommy drove home and saw that by the time she got home, my little ninja has gotten over the fall and is readily agreeable to chewing on mommy's hand. Mommy inspected every single inch of the baby. Surf the net to find the things to watch out for and looked carefully over her all night long.

I think the experience is more traumatizing for us then it is for her.

Moral of the story : Don't trust your little angel to sleep quietly and make noises when they wake up. Some sneaky little ones might decide to play quietly by themselves. So it's crib for you Alyssa... No more sleeping on mommy & daddy's bed.
21st-Aug-2010 07:29 pm - Alyssa is officially 4 months old...
I haven't lj-ed about live since forever. The sad truth is I am so busy that when I have some time in my hands, I use it to sleep or read or surf internet. This motherhood thing is not for wussies. I wanted to lj about my birth experience, however, the pictures is god knows where and I don't really have that much time to dig through all that. I'll get around to adding pics soon enough, I hope. I wanted to lj about Alyssa's progress. I really want to. But seriously, I don't have time. So this is the compressed version of whats what.

Alyssa was born on the 19th April. I had 2 weeks of pregnancy induced hypertension and was on bedrest. As I am on medication, my BP was controlled but there was another 2 weeks to go. Dr Suniza (PCMC) had given me an option to go on (the baby seems very comfy in mommy's belly/ not a twinge of contraction throughout, not even practice ones) or to induce Alyssa's birth. It was Friday, April 16th and Alyssa's guestimate weight was 3.6kg. Weee.... At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was pretty determined not to induce but to wait for little ChiChi to be ready to come naturally. I changed my mind pretty quick after that 2 weeks bedrest.

I requested that I am allowed to attend the company's annual dinner... Sempat lagi tu... hehehe... the doctor was pretty cool about that but told me not to get too excited or the baby will come before the annual dinner night was over. Hehe.. the event venue was close only mah, no worries. To add to the drama... On the registration paper... it was written... Cytotec. I about had a COW! I am a semi-active member of pregnant community on Lj. Cytotec is a big No-no. I was scrambling around asking for opinions etc. It finally boiled down to Az's advice. "Do you trust your doctor?" Yep, she is honest and don't mince words but at the same time, she does not treat you like you have half a brain.

So I checked in on Sunday at 11 pm to be induced. My parents, Cory and I had our so called last dinner before Alyssa's arrival. Pizza Hut, yum! So, the thing about inducing is that the midwives do everything, seriously. They were awesome!

To be continued...
5th-Jun-2009 08:15 am - My confession...
I haven't been on LJ for a while now but I just have to get this off my chest. It's my secret sin. Well, to me at least it is. I have never quite been the squee fangirl person. Not even when Cin and I had our tug of war over Lestat. Yes, yes, you know where this is leading to.

I couldn't sleep the 22 odd hours in flight. No reason why. Typically, I arranged my flight to be when I am exhausted as hell and all I can do is stuff my clothes into the bags and board the plane. This time, I actually gave me some time to wind down from work stress, argue over what to pack with hubben (he hates it when I pack my whole wardrobe with me when we travel), get all the banking squared of, submit my taxes etc etc. I am guessing that getting relaxed before a flight is a bad idea.

There I was flipping entertainment channels. Getting over my takeoff rush (I LOVE TAKEOFF!!). We agreed to watch a movie together and the least painful one to watch was Twilight. Oh boy! I fell hard for the movie. Cheesey/lame lines aside, I liked the story. So what is a girl to do but watch the movie twice! Eeeeeee......... Edward is so... sexy in a totally fictionally way. I saw the dude playing Edward IRL on megazines etc and he was totally not my type. See... I even rationalize my fan girl squee. Of course... Lestat was my long time fictional crush... Other then Jean March Anderas as some friends like to make fun of my blond blue eyes crush.

So I bought all 4 books in the series. I felt sick.... It's like a sickness... I dislike to writing, it was poorly wrote and book 2 and 3 was stupid as far as I was concerned. I <3 the final installment despite the semi-illogical plot. My main grouse with the book is that the whole saga's "mood swings are kinda giving me whiplash" All in all the Twilight movie was better then book overall in my opinion.

But the movie.... I totally have to buy the movie and moon over it... Sadly it all started with the soundtrack. Ros had it on her shared drived and I copied it to my phone only to be obsessed with the music on the track. OMG! The music is so addictive... It made me thought that the movie would potentially be harmless... Harmless? BAH! BAH!
19th-Apr-2009 02:58 pm - Holy new experience, batman!!
My husband in general is your average dude who minds his own business. Unlike me, he rarely goes to the doctor and when he does need to go, I would have to drag him kicking and screaming to the doctor's office.

Which was what happened yesterday. At approximately 3 pm, he started having dizzy spells and his tummy acted up. Typical male, he shrugs it as, "I haven't eaten in a long time, that is why." What he forgot was all the snacks that was eaten while we caught up on our favorite series (right now it's Bones). So after lunch, he was acting all quiet and relaxed (not typical Cory) and actually resting while we watch shows. In the evening, when he was suppose to go for his golf practice, he told my dad that he wasn't feeling well and would prefer to take a rain check.

Later that evening, my brother came over with his family. We had dinner like usual with the family and at 10 decided to make it an early evening. I jokingly asked him, "Are you ok as in really fine or are you ok as in I am sick but you'd have to drag me kicking and screaming to the doctors." He as per Cory's standard said, "I be ok." To call him evasive... was an understatement. So I jokingly warned him, "I have to carry your sorry ass down the steps to the emergency, I am going to be pissed."

True enough by my words, by 10++ at night, my strong kick ass husband was reduced to barfing his guts out and was unable to lay down as when he does, the room spins and sweating by the buckets all the while complaining that the room was too cold. Malaysia is to cold for my mat salleh? Crazy talk! By 11ish, we are on our way to the emergency room. My dad was driving and I sat with Cory to make sure he was ok. Poor man, all the while apologized for being such a trouble to us =_=; I felt like crap for saying what I did earlier that evening.

We arrived slightly after midnight, as luck would have it, traffic was crappy to get to Ampang. RAWR! At the hospital I was much relieved when the lady at registration accepted my medical card (Way to go Talisman's medical benefit! w00t w00t!) and immediately sent him to be treated. The official diagnosis was.... vertigo... Oh, noes we would never have guessed that... *rolls eyes*

The nurses and doctor was lovely. Really nice people with great bedside manner. They had humor even in the wee hours of the morning. He was admitted to the ward for observation. By 2 a.m. we were settled into a private room. Lovely... lovely... Did I mention that my company's medical benefit is KICK ASS? Yes, I am sure I have said that.

The head nurse or matron (I couldn't figure who is who, it was pretty late or early depending on your definition), was a lovely lady who helped us settled, giving bed mechanism instruction, remote instruction (for lights and call button), their procedure, handed me extra blanket for my use, flasks of drinking water (hot and room temp), a glass, tissue paper, told me where the fridge was and was very efficient about it. We both settled down by 3 am half asleep. Did I mention that I was sleeping on a chair?

The nurses was in and out a few times but seriously, my brains and eyes rejected their presence and kept on sleeping each time I've assured myself that they needed to do some medical procedure/test.

Finish.... until part 2.
31st-Mar-2009 11:00 am - Wow...
I've been off LJ for more then a month during my work craze and still am offline for the past 2 weeks. I used to read LJ ALL THE TIME! Now... I don't really care :( That just makes me sad.
31st-Mar-2009 09:44 am - For all the ladies...
I read this article and am glad that someone wrote it so clearly what I spend a lot of time trying to explain my experience to my girl pals.
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